This Chicago Photographer Helps Brands By Marrying Art and Science on Instagram

Nathan Michael has made a career out of creating unique and visually stimulating images for brands. His approach is a combination of art meets science and has been accelerated by the rise of social media -- namely, Instagram. He started Low Res Agency in Chicago to meet the demand for his work and opened up Low Res Studio to grow his team.

At Low Res Agency, he creates monthly installments of content for brands that they can use on social media every day. So what's made Low Res stand out?

"We're very much focused on creating beautiful imagery we feel connects with people and has a style to it and can engage the brands in the direction that they're wanting to take," he says. "We understand why culture likes certain things and why they gravitate toward things."

Michael says that he does look at numbers to decide what images to use, but he doesn't measure everything by pure data.

"We look at it as art meets science," he says. "I think there is a sweet spot and balance."

Entrepreneur: This Chicago Photographer Helps Beef Up Brands Where Art Meets Science on Instagram